Yodle Dashboard


Yodle is a provider of online advertising for small businesses. In redesigning the customer facing dashboard, I concentrated on clarifying the customer value proposition and on addressing customer needs and pain points within the existing experience.


Yodle's systems generate and store a large amount of metrics. Prioritizing, simplifying and displaying that data to the customers in a way that is easy to understand presented a challenge.


The new dashboard reshapes the relationship between Yodle and its customers. By encapsulating disparate data into a story that is easy to understand, Yodle was able to drive up customer retention and reduce customer support call volume.

My contribution

User research

Concepting and ideation

Interaction design

Homepage - Ads not Sold.png
Homepage - Full data state. Day 29. (Continued).png
Organic - Full data state. Day 29. Directory Listings.png
Organic - Full data state. Day 29. Keywords.png

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