Hi! I'm a product designer who is passionate about creating experiences using a lean, collaborative and iterative design process aimed at creating customer value.

I believe in


One of my key roles in a project is to ask the right questions and to facilitate conversation. I believe that the best solutions often come from unexpected places and almost always tend to emerge out of close collaboration between clients, designers, developers, and other members of the team.

Data-informed design

Any great solution always begins with a well understood problem. I employ a variety of user research techniques and gather insights from both quantitative and qualitative sources to understand and examine the problem.

Validating assumptions

A single problem often has more than one potential solution. Applying data-informed design by continuously validating our assumptions helps us find the best possible solution out of many to a given problem throughout the full length of the design process.  

Minimum viable deliverables

Traditional wireframes tend to be an imprecise and incomplete representation of a solution. As an alternative, I rely on sketching and prototyping multiple solutions that can be tested, validated and improved upon.

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A little bit about me

Having initially started out as a software developer, my approach to design is analytical in nature but even as my design process has evolved over time, my goal has always been to create experiences that are not just usable and useful, but are also engaging and meaningful.

When I'm not designing, I enjoy running, ramen, espresso and karaoke. On the subway, you will most likely find me reading the latest issue of The Economist.

What others are saying

headshot ryan.png

From his mastery knowledge of user centered design principles to his skill set in execution methods, Sasha brings incredible value to any project or organization looking to implement a user centered design practice or develop a truly crafted product. 

Sasha's knowledge and patience are enviable.

Ryan Harasyn
VP Design

headshot kate.png

Sasha works hard to make the product the best it can be. He has great attention to detail and is excellent at communicating opportunities for enhancements. He's also a very kind and interesting person and he would make a great addition to any development team.

Kate Acomb 
Director, UX
FINE Design Group

headshot roberto.png

I can say that Sasha has a deep insight in the art of designing and creating interfaces with the goal of enhancing the user experience. I also admire his natural curiosity and desire to learn new things, and his broad spectrum of interests.

Roberto Pieraccini
Director and CEO

headshot brett.png

Sasha is incredibly thoughtful in his interaction design and his attention to detail is superb. He'll take an initial direction, run with it, find the places it needs to be developed further or even change, and careful craft something that is polished and will ultimately give someone using it a lot of satisfaction. He's a design craftsman.

Brett Collinson
Head of Product

Interested in learning about my past projects?

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